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5 Ratings and recommendations

Administrators can activate the features to rate a page with up to five stars or to recommend the page.

5.1. Activating the features

Before a user can rate or recommend a page, each feature needs to be activated in the namespace manager by an administrator.

Namespace manager settings

5.2. Rating

A user simply selects the amount of stars for a rating at the end of an article. The number of stars are then highlighted in yellow during the selection process.  A mouse-click confirms the rating. Only one rating per user is counted. New votes only change the average evaluation, but not the number of ratings. Users can change their rating at any time by choosing less or more stars.

5.3. Recommendation

To recommend a page,  a user clicks on the link "Recommend" at the end of the page. To retract the recommendation, the user clicks on the link again.

Ratings and recommendations
Ratings and recommendations

5.4. Special pages

The special page Special:Rating lists all pages that have been rated. It is linked under Global actions > Tools > Ratings.

The special page Special:Recommendations lists all pages that have been recommended. It is linked under Global actions > Tools > Recommendations.

5.5. Deactivate ratings on a page

It is possible to exclude individual pages from the rating system. For this, insert the following behavior switch at the bottom of the page in source view: