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6 Read confirmation

If a namespace has read confirmations activated, users that are assigned to a page have to confirm that they have read changes to the page. This is necessary every time the page gets a new revision.

6.1. Enabling read confirmations

An administrator must enable read confirmations in the namespace manager:

Namespace manager

6.2. Confirmation requests

Read confirmation

When read confirmations are active in a namespace, assigned users see a confirmation prompt when the page content has changed. After checking the checkbox Yes, I have completely read this article and then Confirm, the page version will be marked as read by that user.

6.3. Administration of read confirmations

Wiki admins can see an overview of all read confirmations by navigating to Global actions > Management > Assignments. Read confirmation information is shown in the column Read?. A page can have multiple states:

  • Read confirmation not enabled: BlueSpiceReadConfirmation is not enabled for the namespace to which the page belongs.
  • Not read: BlueSpiceReadConfirmation is enabled, but the assigned users have not yet read the page.
  • Actions: In the columns for actions, there are two items related to read confirmations.
    • Read confirmation log: Link to the read confirmation log for the page.
    • Request read confirmation: Users get a reminder for their read confirmation.
Assignments manager with read confirmation info

6.4. Read confirmations and page approvals

If the approval feature is activated in a namespace at the same time, the read confirmation is triggered when a new draft is created. This can be changed via server configuration so that the read confirmation is required after the draft page has been approved.

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