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4 Page assignments

Articles can have assigned users. Users receive a notification when their page assignments change. A special page lists all assignments in the knowledge base.

4.1. Assigning an article

To assign users to an article:

  1. Click Set page assignments in the page tools.
  2. Type a user name in the text field of the Assignments dialog.
  3. Add additional users (optional).
  4. Click the Done button.

Although users with view-only permissions can be assigned to an article, they cannot make changes to the page.

4.2. My assignments

Users can view their own page assignments by clicking on User menu > Personal Tools > Assignments in their personal menu.

My assignments
My assignments

4.3. Secured page assignments

In the namespace manager, you can configure that page assignments are secured. If a page is created in such a namespace, the page is only editable for users that are assigned to this page. This overrides the namespace permissions of a page.

4.4. Assignments management

To view all assignments, administrators can go to Global actions >Management > Assignments.

Assignments manager
Assignments manager

4.4.1. Possible actions

The following actions are available on this page:

(1) Change assignments

(2) Delete assignments

(3) View the assignments log

(4) View the read confirmations log (if activated)

(4)Request read confirmation (if activated)

4.5. Log

Administrators can go to the page Special:Log and select "Assignments" to view a history of all assignments.