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2 A look at the layout

The user interface is kept simple so you don't have to spend a lot of time writing down what you know!

2.1. Layout areas

Layout areas
Layout areas
Area Description
1- Site navigation The site navigation displays the main navigation. If there a books in the knowledge base, the book chapter navigation is shown instead.
2 - Header bar The header bar contains the sidebar toggles, the knowledge base logo, and the search bar.

Additionally, the menus:

  • Global actions: Direct links to many special pages as well as administrative pages of the wiki.
  • User menu: Users manage their own settings, KB tasks (not Easy Tasks) and notifications here. A red circle appears above the user avatar if unread messages exist.
  • Custom menu (optional): Allows users with admin rights to create an additional menu if needed.
3 - Page tools The page tools area contains all the actions that can be performed on a page. In addition, information such as the version history or the page information can be accessed from here.
4 - Work area The work area contains the title area, the article content and a quick-edit options for category tags.
5 - References
6 - Discussions
7 - Footer The footer contains links to legal information as well as to external websites relating to MediaWiki. The links to the legal information can be adjusted by wiki administrators via pages in the MediaWiki namespace.