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5 Link articles with tasks and projects

There are various useful mechanisms to link between Easy Tasks and knowledge base articles.

5.1. Linking articles to tasks

5.1.1. Referencing a task in an article

To reference an Easy Task within an article while editing the article:

  1. Type a pound sign (#). The Easy task inspector opens.
  2. Enter a task number.
  3. Select the task.
  4. Click Insert.

A link to the task will be shown directly in the article.

Additionally, the link is also shown in the Associated tasks section at the end of the article.

Note:Alternatively, the link can be created form the editor toolbar Insert menu (menu item Easy Task reference). The task always starts with a #-sign.

5.1.2. Adding an associated task

A task can also be linked from the Associated tasks section at the end of the article. Adding an associated task does not create a new page revision and is therefore not tracked in the page history.

Important!The Add-button only works in view mode.

To add an associated task:

  1. Click the Add+ button in the Associated tasks section at the end of an article.
  2. Enter a task number, starting with a #-sign. A list of tasks will appear.
  3. Select the task.
  4. Click Submit. It is now associated with the page.

Tasks that are also linked from the article itself can only be deleted in the article.

Associated tasks or projects
Associated tasks or projects

5.2. Linking Easy Tasks to articles

5.2.1. Adding a link in a comment

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Note: subpage links not working with $- syntax

5.2.2. Adding a link in the Articles section

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