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7 Reminders

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To schedule reviews of content for themselves, users can set reminders on each article. By default, the knowledge base sends out a notification one week before and on the due date of the reminder.

7.1. Setting a reminder

To create a reminder:

  1. Click Set reminder in the page tools. A dialog window opens.
  2. Enter the reminder data.
  3. Click Done.
    Reminder dialog window
    Reminder dialog window

7.2. My reminders

Users can view and manage a list of their own reminders. The list can be loaded in the following ways.

  1. In the editing dialog (see image above) via the My reminders button.
  2. Via the User menu > Personal Tools > Reminders.
User menu
User menu

Here, reminders can be edited (wrench icon) or deleted (x icon).

My reminders
My reminders

7.3. Managing all reminders

The page Special:Reminder is available to administrators from Global actions > Management > Reminders. It displays a list of all reminders. Admins can delete reminders here or edit the due date and other details. Users in the admin role can theoretically create reminders for other users. This option should be used with caution, however, as users may not expect others to create reminders on their behalf.

7.4. Notifications

By default, users receive a notification via email a week before or on the due date. This behavior can be managed in the user preferences.