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SMW properties

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Effects on Semantic MediaWiki properties

If Semantic MediaWiki is activated in a namespace that uses the approval feature, the following properties are available for SMW queries depending on the sharing status of the page:

Document state Available properties
First draft Current values
Approved Values of the approved (stable) version
Draft Values of the approved (stable) version (default setting)
Implicit draft[1] Values of the approved (stable) version

The availability of the semantic properties is determined by the following configuration setting:

$bsgFlaggedRevsConnectorStabilizeSMWPropertyValues = true;

The value for this setting can be set to false in the LocalSettings.php of the server file system. If set to false, the property values of the draft version are used for semantic queries instead of the values for the stable version.

  1. An approved page has an implicit draft, if there have been changes to embedded resources (e.g., a template or an image) since the last page approval.
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